Member Company Resources

Thank you for supporting the work of the Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund. We’ve developed paperless processes with the goal of reducing costs and improving your annual interactions with IIGF. If you have any questions or encounter an issue, please email or call us at (312) 422-9700.

  • IIGF Board of Directors Voting - this link will take you to IIGF's Proxy Voting page, hosted by the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds. This process replaces paper ballots, which were eliminated for the 2018 elections.

  • Assessment Premium Reporting - this link will take you to IIGF's online Premium Reporting portal, also hosted by NCIGF. You will be asked to provide some line of business detail, previously IIGF's "Exhibit A," and to attach the Statutory Page 14 for your company.

  • The following documents are available for download: