If you have learned that your insurance provider has become insolvent, you likely have many questions.  We can help.  Please review the following information and options for finding what you need.

IIGF is located in downtown Chicago.  We typically handle the claims of Illinois residents and businesses, but in certain situations we assist those in other states.  Your existing insurance company contact or, more likely, the office overseeing the liquidation of your insurance provider should be able to tell you which guaranty fund to contact.  If you have a Workers’ Compensation claim, the employer with the policy may be able to provide contact information.

IIGF strives through cooperative efforts and pre-insolvency planning to respond to every claim as quickly as possible upon liquidation.  However, factors such as the sheer size of the insolvent company or difficulty in obtaining necessary policy and claim information can cause delays in resolving certain claims as they transition from the original company to IIGF.  In these cases, we prioritize uninterrupted delivery of recurring payments and pharmacy benefits to Workers’ Compensation claimants.  Other “hardship” considerations can be taken into account, but it’s important that the receiver and IIGF are made aware of these situations.

Several of the most common questions about guaranty funds and how they work are addressed in our About/FAQ section.  Here you can learn why IIGF was created, what rules guide its operation, and what limitations on coverage exist.

  • If you are a creditor vendor or service provider to an insolvent company, you will need to speak with the liquidator.  Most outstanding fees are not covered by IIGF.  You will likely have a separate claim in the liquidation.

  • If you are an injured worker or are representing someone with such a claim, please dial (312) 422-9700.  Have the employer’s name, the date of injury, and injured worker’s or claimant’s name available.  If possible, please also provide your claim number. If IIGF received your claim file from the insolvent insurance company, you will be directed to an examiner. Otherwise, we can address your questions and provide follow-up instructions.  If IIGF has received your claim file from the insolvent insurance company, you will be directed to an examiner.  Otherwise, we can address your questions and provide follow-up instructions.

  • If you are seeking to be reimbursed for insurance premiums that you paid, you have an Unearned Premium claim.  You are required to complete and mail a Proof of Claim form and proof that you paid your premium. You can download the Proof of Claim form here.  Please dial (312) 424-3354 to speak with Shirley Herbert, who can provide further instructions.  Note that Unearned Premium claims are subject to a $100 deductible.

  • For all other claims, please dial IIGF’s general number at (312) 422-9700.  While we work hard to avoid it, there can sometimes be a delay immediately upon liquidation as files are transferred to IIGF and urgent cases are given priority.  During this time, IIGF may be lacking information although we will do our best to provide assistance.  Often at this stage, the receiver, or the office overseeing the insolvent company, is the best source for certain types of information including:  Which guaranty fund will be managing my claim?  What is my claim number?  What will happen to my indemnity or pharmacy program?  Insurance company websites and phone menus are often updated with receiver contact information.  Your agent may also be able to provide that information.